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If it reoccurred in 30 miles I'd have a serious talk with the service manager if they want any more money to check it out. They may have found and corrected a problem (which I'm sure they'll argue), but they obviously didn't find the problem. I'd expect a re-check for free and once I got a diagnosis, I may expect a repair for free.

What your repair indicates is that they found bad valve that wasn't sealing properly (low compression) which was making the engine run on 5 cylinders. They took the top half of the engine off (intake manifold, both cylinder heads, timing chains, and more) and replaced the timing chains and all exhaust valves.

That's a lot of work, I believe it involves dropping the engine, and the price you paid isn't out of line for the work they did. The real question is what did they miss?

A common mistake is finding and fixing the end result but missing the cause. I wonder what caused the burnt valve in the first place?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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