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The wipers quit working as I was driving down the road in heavy rain. Almost got clipped by a semi truck. That would have been nice! I know what the problem is too because it was suppose to be "fixed" from a previous recall. I called the dealer today and they said they couldn't do anything since it was "fixed" before. What happens is the pivot points where the wiper arms attach to are 2 different metals. There is suppose to be a seal in there to keep out the moisture. With these tropical style storms we have had lately they must have failed again. As I drove down the road they went slower and slower until they just stopped. When I finally got home and got it in the garage I could see steam coming from those pivot points. They got so hot from rubbing inside there they were almost welded together!!!! Spent the last 3 hours taking them apart, cleaning and greasing. They work better than new now but this #)@&$%)# design I know they will fail again. Just a great feeling trying to guess when my wipers will fail again while I get wet from the leaking roof Why did I go GM again :banghead:
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