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Bought one of those $20 ELM327 readers that you can use with phone apps (Torque) to analyze data from your ECM. Pretty cool actually. It also reads and clears codes which seems to be a daily occurrence with my Outlook ;-). Actually I've had a pretty good run of no issues lately (knock on wood). Anyway, a piece of data that jumps out at me is my throttle position with the key on shows about 20% and as I slowly press the accelerator it jumps around in the 20s and 30s and then goes in the proper order until it stops at WOT 82%. I am thinking I have a bad sensor but is it the sensor on the gas pedal or the throttle body? No codes are set off but shouldn't the readings be 0% with key on and 100% at WOT? Is there a throttle calibration method for these vehicles? I know with my Dodge Charger you could re-calibrate the drive by wire with a certain sequence.

Well after some more research those throttle position numbers may be normal. It still does not increase sequentially though. I tried the Charger recalibration method for the throttle on the Outlook. Seems to be more responsive on the throttle. If anyone else wants to try it, steps are: 1) Turn key to on and wait for all lights to disappear except seat belt light. 2) Hit the throttle all the way to floor and release quickly so it snaps back and turn key to off simultaneously.
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