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Time and Cost to replace water pump? Dealer ripping me off?

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I have a 2007 Saturn Outlook with 48k miles. The water pump went out and the dealer is quoting me $608 to replace it. Sounds like a lot since the part is less than $200 and the labor looks like it takes about 2-2.5 hours.

The car is 1 month out of the Powertrain warranty (kills me that stuff is going bad with LESS than 50k miles on it) and GM doesn't want to cover.

Anyone else had this done and can tell me if this cost is out of the norm?
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2008 Outlook just 100,000 miles, has been using coolant for a long time, not a lot, cooling system holds pressure for a long time.

I read a note on the Saturn water pumps where running the coolant low can reduce the lubrication to the water pump seal, leading to leaks.

I notice that the cooling system on these vehicles has an enormous reserve capacity, where you can run the vehicle with practically no coolant and it still won't show a temperature rise, then when you lose that last cup, the temperature rockets to the top.
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