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I just purchased a new 2009 XR and would like to install a trailer hitch & wire harness [/color] to all a small trailer for ATV and dirt bikes.

The Dealer told me that the transmission cooler is already on this model -- so only needed to buy hitch & harness = done.

There are some good videos on how to install [appears fairly straight forward & shouldn't bee too difficult], but there is ALWAYS something that one can learn from someone who has actual experience.

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From what Ive read on the other lambda forums-
there is a trans cooler on the vehicle already--- BUT

when you order the towing option- on the traverse, acadia, enclave-- and im sure its the same on the Outlook, this is what you get....

a HEAVY DUTY radiator (larger capacity) meaning that the trans cooler also has greater capacity.
the factory hitch.
steel spare tire (vs fix a flat spray can).
fused wiring for the electrical connector
and a tow/haul mode button on the dash-
when this is pressed- the computer changes the shift patterns for the vehicle (holds gear long in higher RPM range).
and also changes the way the alternator charges

simply adding a tow hitch (and aftermarket cooler- if you can... many have had trouble adding an aftermarket cooler)...
will not increase the tow rating on the vehicle.
That is-- it wont legally increase the rating- meaning that if something happens- it is not covered under warranty.
Only factory installed tow packages- will increase the tow rating.

Can you install hitch and tow your bikes--- sure...
But youll have to be careful how hot the engine and tranny get.
You may also have to manually shift to control the rpm's.
If something happens- the dealer may refuse to do warranty work- if they find clues that you over towed its rated capacity...

so just be careful that you dont over do it....
You may want to try the other lambda sites to see if anyone has experience installing the items.
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