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Tire Jack

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Hello everybody!! I have recently noticed how my used Outlook didn't come with a tire jack :-X ! It's supposed to be inside the inside-left panel thing in the back, right? Well I opened that and there is nothing but a bunch of wires and an empty space! I'm lucky none of my tires have gone out while I was away from home! :eek: So, the big question is, where can I get one? Thanks! :D
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I believe on certain models there was a "tire inflator kit" that had a liquid sealant that would repair the hole or puncture and the inflator would enable refilling of the tire. Hence no traditional 'scissor' type jack. Kind of leaves you hanging if you have a blow-out and need a spare tire and a jack to do the swap at roadside. Then again, there's also roadside assistance and/or auto-club.

If you elect to pickup a jack from an auto-wrecker, just make sure you're getting one from a Lambda. The jack needs to be capable of lifting and supporting the weight of this vehicle. Those supplied with other (smaller) vehicles may not be up to the task.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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