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Tire Jack

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Hello everybody!! I have recently noticed how my used Outlook didn't come with a tire jack :-X ! It's supposed to be inside the inside-left panel thing in the back, right? Well I opened that and there is nothing but a bunch of wires and an empty space! I'm lucky none of my tires have gone out while I was away from home! :eek: So, the big question is, where can I get one? Thanks! :D
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yes- check to be sure there is an actual spare (steel spare donut) under the rear bumper.
If not there- then check to see if theres a WINCH. could be they used the spare and jack- and never put them back.

this is the winch..
and the jack on my Traverse. it should be very similar on yours.
If you dont have it- then a jack may be useless- as you dont have a spare (the spare tire kit also has a cable to hold the full size spare in the trunk area)

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the small spare in the trunk- that would be the FULL SIZE if it were flat
andrewpm said:
what exactly is that cable to supposed to do? Is it also stored with the jack?
yes stored with the jack.

Imagine this scenario.
You and family are on the road-
you get a flat.
You put the full size flat tire in the rear storage area after you put the doughnut on.
Youre headed down the highway- and crash- or make a severe panic stop-
That tire in the back- can become a very heavy loose item in the cabin-
Or maybe the vehicle rolls over- that tire is going to be bouncing around inside the vehicle-
hiting everyones head..
The cable helps hold the tire in place.
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more like crushing- or breaking necks.... :eek:
lkreykes said:
Where is that cable located?
the cable should be located in the area that the jack is.
On mine- there is also a large bag- to place the dirty full size flat- in the bag was the cable.

on the base vehicles- it comes with fix a flat. (I think a pump too- electric).
If you have a base- you can order the spare tire kit----- OR--- if you order the tow kit- the spare tire kit is automatically added.

Since you bought yours used- and you have the winch and tire--- it sure sounds like the previous owner never put it back- or it was taken out while it sat no the lot.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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