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Tire Jack

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Hello everybody!! I have recently noticed how my used Outlook didn't come with a tire jack :-X ! It's supposed to be inside the inside-left panel thing in the back, right? Well I opened that and there is nothing but a bunch of wires and an empty space! I'm lucky none of my tires have gone out while I was away from home! :eek: So, the big question is, where can I get one? Thanks! :D
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Huh, never knew about the cable.

Of course, now all the luggage and whatnot that was in the rear is not up front on someone's lap so it gets to be the projectile instead of the tire. :D
Reminds me of my 1988 Grand Caravan. Dad bought it new and gave it to me at about 110K or so. We drive it for another 75K before trading it on the Odyssey.

Anyway, at some point it needed new tires and I knew the full size spare under the rear was pretty pathetic, so I asked the tire guy to drop it and put the best of the old tires under there as the spare. He came back later and asked where the spare was again. "Under the back." "No it isn't." "What do you mean?" I went out to the shop and all that was under there was about 10" of frayed cable hanging from the winch. I guess I had lost it somewhere, hopefully in a way that didn't endanger anyone. :eek: I had no idea.

A new winch was about $100 plus a junkyard wheel and a couple hours under the van putting it all back together.
Nope,I had changed a tire since we owned it, that's why I knew the spare wasn't much good.
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