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Tire Jack

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Hello everybody!! I have recently noticed how my used Outlook didn't come with a tire jack :-X ! It's supposed to be inside the inside-left panel thing in the back, right? Well I opened that and there is nothing but a bunch of wires and an empty space! I'm lucky none of my tires have gone out while I was away from home! :eek: So, the big question is, where can I get one? Thanks! :D
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I guess since my car is the very base version that a jack just didn't come with the car, which is pretty stupid.

Wrong! You said your car did come with a spare tire, and if it was a factory installed spare, a jack would have been included from the factory. You also said you purchased it used. There lies the problem.

Your jack was jacked either prior to, or during, it's time on the used car lot! Or the previous owner has it sitting in his garage.
Just to know for sure if your model came with a factory equipped spare and jack or not you can check the RPO codes. Open the glove box door, and you will find a label with a list of letters and numbers. These are the factory installed options and features in your particular vehicle.

If you have

QD6 that stands for Wheel, 17", Compact Steel Spare (this would include the jack)
WTC that stands for Tire Sealant And Inflator Kit ( this would not include a jack or spare tire)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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