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Anyone know the weight amount I can tow with an Outlook, without having the optional towing package?
It is slim pickings for 2007's now & the one I am interested in does not have the towing package option. I can install a hitch after-market though, but it would not have the transmission cooling option.
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Thanks for the tips. Towing max is $2000 lbs. Ended up buying the XR without towing package. So far no problems except for power locks not working, and a momentary vibration somewhere when I start to accererate. Will have this checked out. I can have an aftermarket hitch put on. I saw them for as low as $100.00, on line. This is far less than the $300+ that Saturn parts wants. Installation requires that muffler be lowered though. My boat/motor/trailer package totals 1570 LBS, so I don't foresee any problems. I pulled it with my RAV4 for 10 years. Dealer did however tell me that any aftermarket add-ons to the vehicle should be done by GM service technicians. This would ensure the warrantee would not be affected. Dealer had some warrantee horror stories about aftermarket parts being put on new vehicles.
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Just an update on my previous entry.
Ordered a Hidden Hitch & installed it myself. Dealer installed new fusebox (no charge under warranty). Trailer lights work fine & I did not need to split any wires.
Although, I did not buy the towing package, towing was not a problem at all.
The longest tow this summer was a 4 hour drive up north, and back, with family of 4 and gear for a week. Quite a heavy load.
No over-heating; no trany problems.
I did however have to shift manually - particularly up hills. I preferred a lower gear than the one automatically set (I guess that is what the towing button is all about).
Gas milage dropped a bit, but that would be normal. I would probably not want to tow anything larger/heavier with this vehicle. Some advice would be to try to keep the weight down: keeping the gas tank below half way; an empty gas tank on the boat is also good idea; and for heaven sakes, buy your cases of beer when you reach your destination.

The biggest problem now is that I will have to wait until next summer to towing again.
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