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Transmission down shifting.....

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We have a 2008 XR AWD which we've owned for about 6 weeks and driven for about 4......

We really enjoy this car but are having enough issues with erratic transmission shifting that we're wondering IF we've made the right choice....

The symptom involves the transmission downshifting on VERY light grade situations; sometimes it will initially drop 2 gears, then go back to 6th and then possibly back to 5th for a while and then back to 6th.... Dealer has re--programmed both the transmission AND several other items which supposedly will cure the problem - NOT on our car. THEN they decided to blame the Michelin tires we had installed because we will NOT risk our lives (and those of others) on the POS Goodrear tires that come on the car..... After I told them to measure the circumfrance and tell me if there was any significent difference, they backed up on that process and didn't say any more about it.... Since this is the 2nd trip to the shop for the same problem, they are dragging their feet on giving us a copy of the service ticket - picked the car up Tuesday (1/6/09) and as of this evening they still haven't faxed me a copy of the ticket. I will be paying them a visit LIVE AND IN PERSON tomorrow to get a copy of the repair ticket.....

Anyone else having this problem?????? I understand there was a problem with the '07 cars but I'm NOT finding anything on the '08s.... HELP!
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Chris K said:
Well, it would appear that the majority of our problems with the Outlook shifting are over.....

After dealing with the Service Manager at the dealership, things began to happen in a bit more definitive fashion! The car is still VERY busy shifting but not near as busy as it was! It would appear that the fix was the 'May Update' - the car is much more pleasant to drive in town and now when it downshifts at highway speed with the cruise set - it only drops down a gear or so and then STAYS there 'til it's built enough road speed to upshift - then it stays upshifted!

So, at this point, we're pretty happy and feel that, YES, we're going to have to learn to live with a bit more active up and downshifting then we're used to. AND, I seriously question that this type of 'activity' will do anything but contribute to accelerated transmission and lock up torque converter wear. BUT, as long as everything else stays as good as it is now, I'll probably just buy an extended service agreement to 'cover my bases' with the tranny and drive the car!

Anyone know the price differences between buying a service agreement early in the life of a car vs later (as it nears base warrenty expiration)?? I've traditionally not purchased these types of products BUT they saved our BUTT with a 2 transmission failing Honda CR-V!
Go to to get quotes on an extended warranty. If you buy right before 1yr or 12,000 miles you can get the "new' price. Basically I got a 6 year warranty for the price of a 5 year. Since I waited a year, I only needed to purchase a 5 year warranty. The prices are unbeatable as well. Only thing to be aware of, is prices change on Oct. 1st no matter where you buy. Wherever you buy, buy a GMPP(GM Proctection Plan), not a Saturn Warranty. With a GMPP you can go anyone for warranty work once your 3yr/36 month expires. There is rumor that this has changed already and you can take your Saturn to any GM dealer for service already. I've not tried to verify this.
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