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Transmission down shifting.....

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We have a 2008 XR AWD which we've owned for about 6 weeks and driven for about 4......

We really enjoy this car but are having enough issues with erratic transmission shifting that we're wondering IF we've made the right choice....

The symptom involves the transmission downshifting on VERY light grade situations; sometimes it will initially drop 2 gears, then go back to 6th and then possibly back to 5th for a while and then back to 6th.... Dealer has re--programmed both the transmission AND several other items which supposedly will cure the problem - NOT on our car. THEN they decided to blame the Michelin tires we had installed because we will NOT risk our lives (and those of others) on the POS Goodrear tires that come on the car..... After I told them to measure the circumfrance and tell me if there was any significent difference, they backed up on that process and didn't say any more about it.... Since this is the 2nd trip to the shop for the same problem, they are dragging their feet on giving us a copy of the service ticket - picked the car up Tuesday (1/6/09) and as of this evening they still haven't faxed me a copy of the ticket. I will be paying them a visit LIVE AND IN PERSON tomorrow to get a copy of the repair ticket.....

Anyone else having this problem?????? I understand there was a problem with the '07 cars but I'm NOT finding anything on the '08s.... HELP!
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You also need to be a little patient with it while the computer learns your driving habits. Each flash that is done makes the tranny relearn your driving patern to that it can better anticipate your reactions. This will last a short while but can also be very annoying.
Chris K said:
AND, I wasn't clear about the circumstances that my Wife experienced last week; she was NOT on cruise, she was going up an incline (and YES, it was icy) and the car did the 'ole double downshift (from 6th to 4th) and she was thrown sideways before she could get her foot off of the accellerator.

Not that I am telling you how to drive, but one of the features I like about this transmision is the manual option. If I am in a hilly area I leave it in 4th and it usually does not down shift on me. If I am driving in icy conditions, I do the same thing. The vehicle does not know that you are on ice, it only knows you are going up a hill and thinks it needs to down shift. Driving in the manual option helps eleviate that problem.

The Outlook is not the only one that has had this problem. The Acadia and Enclave have also had the problem. My wifes Aura has the same tranny but does not exibit these problems like mine and yours does.

I know what you are talking about with the down shifting, I have just learned to anticipate it. In fact, on the highway I use the manual setting all the time so that I am in control. I have managed to get 25 to 28 on the highway. The best speed to get that MPG is 65 to 70. For every 5 mph over that I go I loose about 1 to 2 mpg.
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