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I have done a lot of reading about servicing the transmission in our Outlooks. I understand the tranny has to be cracked to get to the filter which is lifetime. I'm looking to do a complete transmission fluid change. INCLUDING the fluid in the torque converter. Changing 50-60% of the fluid is unacceptable to me.

:thumb: What I know: Pop the top trans oil line off the top of the radiator and let that "old" fluid flow to a bucket (i.e. clear poly line).

:help: Question: Do I pour fresh fluid into the dipstick tube while the car is running until I see fresh fluid coming out? If so, is it possible to overfill/damage?

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How many miles on your Outlook?

What I do,

Buy the fluid on sale (usually it appears for $5.99 on sale for Valvoline Full Synthetic Dexron VI at NAPA.)

drain (5 qts come out), refill, drive for a tankfull, and repeat.
Allowing the fluid a chance to flow and mix with the other fluid.

(I have the 2010 Traverse- cousin to your Outlook).

Ive done this at the following intervals.

note that I did it 3 times around the 79-80K range. Changing it 3 times gets 87.5% of the old fluid (theres an equation for this).


my goal is to keep the fluid as clean as possible- and trans free of varnish and all that stuff.
Now at 124,200 miles.
Im keeping my eye open for the sale to do another drain refill.

so you have 2 options-- wait till say 100,000 and do a FLUID EXCHANGE at a shop.... (but you have very dirty fluid- and buildup). (dont do a flush-- not recommended by GM).
or change the fluid earlier to keep it clean and varnish buildup low....

heres the equation

"The equation you're looking for is x=0.5^n. Where "x" equals the amount of the original fluid left after "n" times of draining and replacing half of it's original capacity.

For example:

Drain and fill #1: x=0.5^1=0.5=50%
Drain and fill #2: x=0.5^2=0.25=25%
Drain and fill #3: x=0.5^3=0.125=12.5%

To get 95 % changed:

ln(0.05)/ln(0.5)=4.32 times --> so you would have to change it 5 times to have 95%+ new fluid. Of course, this is based on the assumptions that you always get 5 quarts out and that 5 quarts is half of it's total capacity."

I think most folks on the Traverse/Acadia/Enclave/Outlook either do the drain refill.... or have a shop use a machine.
I dont recall seeing a member do the disconnect at the radiator.
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