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The latest round of TrueDelta's Vehicle Reliability Survey results has now been publicly released. And the big news this time around is a result for the 2008 Lambda crossovers. (Mostly Enclaves, but a few Acadias and Outlooks.)

This is big news for two reasons:

1. J.D. Power won't have reliability info on the Enclave until June, and CR won't have it until next October. Thanks largely to this forum, TrueDelta has it now.

2. The repair rate for the 2008 Lambdas appears to be much lower than for the 2007s. Three months ago the 2007s had a repair rate of 98 successful repair trips per 100 vehicles per year, and we've posted the exact same repair rate this time around, based on over twice as much data. For the 2008s, the repair rate so far is 38 successful repair trips per 100 vehicles per year. I wouldn't be surprised by an increase to 50 or so in the next update, in February, but this would still be roughly half the repair rate for the 2007s.

In other words, it appears that there were bugs, and that GM worked them out before launching the 2008s.

Commonly reported problems with the 2007s include the lumbar adjusters, a valve in the A/C system, the lid for the storage compartment on top of the IP, and a rocking driver's seat.

The sample sizes of 95 for the 2007s and 48 for the 2008s are good, but could be better. Those of you who aren't yet participating, I hope you'll consider doing so.

And of course, to those of you who have been participating, a big thanks.

The full list of results:

TrueDelta Vehicle Reliability Survey results
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