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Tune up went great, great improvement besides the valve cover leaks

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I did the coils n plugs this am n it runs great n sluggish running gone also improved the shifting at proper rpms. BUT!!! I found oil in coil pac walls to plug. Called dealership that did timing chain n December. I knew they removed valve covers to get to it, they say they pulled whole motor to replace it but the reinstall of valve covers did not seat right or not replaced n had a crap load of oil n 3 coil walls. Setting date for them to have at it !! I love warranty!!

Tip:: If oil light comes on once in a great while and oil level drops a little have valve covers checked but oil level may not DROP alot n its really hard to see around covers w/ intake on!!!!! So keep in mind...

Tip:: Did not have to pull intake to replace plugs n coils on 07 xr outlook awd!!!
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