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40,578 on the engine.
5,003 on oil.
Oil Life Monitor @ 51%
Filter used- PF-48
Oil used-Valvoline Premium Conventional 5W-30 ILSAC-GF-5(Dino oil).
Removed 4.6 quarts (out of 5.5)
I asked for a TBN extended oil use just for the info.
But not interested in going too much past 5000.

Its interesting that they note the way the vehicle is driven. For this oil sample- I did take 3 trips up the mountain- and 3 trips Down the mtn- where I used gears 1-3 (out of 6) to keep the RPM's high going up--- and then used engine braking to come down the mountain- Each trip consisted of 6 or 7 people on board.
Vehicle is also my daily driver in Los Angeles.
The vehicle is Remote Started every morning.

The oil in the previous 3 UOA was the older- ILSAC-GF4 Valvoline

Note: the 3rd UOA with Iron of 9- was 4200 miles-Los Angeles to Florida-and back to Los Angeles in 4 days. The last 903 miles were my typical morning and evening rush hour traffic- along with combined city/hwy travel


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As usual, Very Nice Report! With the type of driving you do AND your attention to detail on how you drive really does help promote longevity with your DI motor. 'Course, right out of the starting blocks you were unknowingly "favored" with GM engineers diagnosing/tweaking your baby ;D All kidding aside, you've become the "poster child" of what all Lambda owners hope to achieve/experience.

Again, keep on keeping on!


In God We Trust!
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