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My 2009 Saturn Outlook XE has a shudder/vibration that starts around 25mph and stops about 40-45. It continues at higher speeds (65+). There is also a clicking sound in the steering wheel when turning. It use to be a lot worse before replacing the power steering pump, it still clicks just not as bad. I bought this car used and I definitely should have had it looked at first but i didnt. They got rid of the car because of this vibration issue that no one can seem to figure out. A family member of the owner had borrowed it for a year and didnt keep up the maintenance 🤦‍♀️. I have a love hate relationship with this car lol but I'm trying to figure out why it's doing this. Here is a list of what we have had fixed so far🤦‍♀️

all this done at a shop
Timing chain kit
Oil pump
Water pump
Power steering pump
2 front axels
Oxygen sensor
2 motor mounts (all 4 was recommended but I was running out of $$, definitely 2 needed to be replaced, will be getting the other 2 done soon)

replaced on our own
4 tires (I know we needed tires but was also told the vibration/shudder was from bad tires)
Front brakes
Front rotors
Front calipers
Front wheel hub assemblies (will be doing all this to the rear as well)
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