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If you love going backpacking but you haven’t tried it before you can refer to our suggestions below to have nice trips with a motorbike.

From Da Nang to Hoi An
The best way to start is the coastal road between these two cities. This road does not have many vehicles, the two sides of the road are spacious and completely flat, great for a beginner. The distance is only about 30km, so you can easily go to get used to the traffic and the car you have rented. We always recommend this trail for beginners.

Cat Ba Island
This is wonderful another place to begin. It doesn't crow, some parts of it have to pass mountain or hills but it is not too difficult for a newbie to come across. Cat Ba is island so beautiful area to discover. Let visits here for your first time. You’ll drive your motorbike to cross one of the longest sea bridges in Southeast Asian. Then, you must be gone by ferry-boat from Cat Hai Island to Cat Ba. On the other hand, you can feel up and down feeling when go overpass road segment. It brings to you many experience and feeling but it’s not too much dangerous.

White sand dunes and Mui Ne
White sand dunes make a perfect trip on the first day. The coastal scenery is extremely striking, attracting every gaze of visitors. You can “go skiing” on the sand whenever you go there.

Muong Lay to Phong To, or vice versa
A unique opportunity in northwest Vietnam’s Lai Chau province is available through the Lan Anh hotel, which has one hotel in each town, 74 km apart. There’s good, an easy road through the great countryside between them, though it does get a bit hilly. Best of all, you can rent a bike for 10 USD at one hotel and drop it off at the other without having to backtrack.

General suggestions

If you want to travel through Vietnam by motorbikes, you need three months. And if you just have 1 month, you should choose one of three areas: Northern, Central and Southeast region.
National highway 1 is a good way, but the density of transportations is high and it isn’t picturesque.
But the 119 km stretch between Nha Trang and Tuy Hoa, embracing the coast, go through the sandy peninsula of Hon Gia through Quan Cau Pass. If not, plan a north-south route to avoid Highway 1 whenever possible.
The Northwest roundabout is all good road, taken within 170 km from Son La to Dien Bien Phu. Put your motorbike on the train or prepare for a difficult trip.
Finally, don't turn your vacation into hard work. When you ride a motorbike in Vietnam, it can be addictive. You never really need to do more than 180 km a day, and that gives you time to stop and smell the roses.


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