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For those of you that are not familiar with us, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about our company. XenonDepot has been selling HID Lighting products since 2001. We warehouse all our product at our faciliy in Toronto Canada.

XenonDepot sells aftermarket HID / Xenon Conversion kits. For those of you that do not OEM HIDs, our product will be a plug+play solution to upgrade your Acadia's lighting to Xenon / HID.

For those of you that do not OEM HID headlights, your vehicle uses an H11 bulb for the low beams meaning that you would need to order our product in an H11 fitment.

Our H11 kit will come with HID bulbs that have been rebased with an H11 base. The bulb will plug directly into your vehicle's headlight assmebly with no modifications. Furthermore, the bulbs in our kit have been laser aligned so that the focal point of the HID bulb sits in the same spot that the focal point of the halogen bulb did. This will ensure a proper beam pattern. Given that the Acadia has OEM projector headlights, this upgrade will look like a factory installed option.

For those of you that are not familiar with our Xtreme line up, it is currently promotionally priced at $224.99!

The Xtreme line up is availabe in the following colour temperatures:

3000k - Intense Yellow
4300k - Bright White
5000k - Crisp White
6500k - White with a bluish/purplish tinge
8000k - Blue output

When it comes to colour temperature, the higher you go in terms of colour temperature the more colour you obtain however the less actual useable light output you emit. OEM HID use 4300k bulbs.

The Xtreme HID Conversion kits utilize cutting edge HID components made with superior Japanese craftsmanship and quality. Laser calibrated bulbs are used to ensure proper fitment and optically correct beam patterns.

The ballasts used in this product are uniquely designed for aftermarket applications as they are completely epoxy sealed to protect against harsh weather conditions. In aftermarket applications, ballasts are often mounted outside the headlight leaving them susceptible to water damage. The Xtreme ballasts are specifically designed for these applications making them the superior choice for your aftermarket HID upgrade.


- Xtreme HID ballasts are designed with a patented multi stage safety feedback (M.S.S.F.) system allowing them to interact with the bulbs to determine optimal light output.

- Xtreme HID ballasts use a patented self intelligent light output configuration (S.I.L.C) to ensure brightness stability and precise illumination colour.

- The Xtreme HID ballasts are designed for both 12V and 24V applications.

- Equipped with advanced polarity protection system

This product will include a complete wiring harness that will literally plug directly into your OEM headlight harness via proper mating connectors. The harness provided will include upgraded fuses and relays to ensure you do not draw a higher current from your stock wiring harness than it was designed to provide. From what I understand, this is necessary for the Cherokee to avoid any flickering issues. Furthermore, the harenss is set up in a way so that each side has its own harness. Each side will have its own fuse, relay, trigger, etc.. This way, should a relay, fuse ever go out on you one headlight will still function.

Technical Data:
Nominal Voltage: Dual voltage ballast system for 12V/24V
Bulb Voltage: 85 +/- 17 (V)
Bulb Electric Power: 35 +/- 3 (W)
Operating Temperature Range: -40 ~ +95
Storage Temperature Range -40 ~ +105
Operating Voltage Range: 9 ~ 32 V
Inrush current (0-5msec): <45 (A)
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes

This product will include:

2 x Laser Calibrated HID/Xenon Bulbs
2 x Xtreme HID Ballasts
2 x Complete Wiring Harnesses – 1 per side
Mounting Hardware
Complete Instruction Manual
Legitimate warranty

Given that we are new to this forum, we would be intersted in partially sponsoring some members in exchange for a non biased product review and installation pictures.

If anyone is interested, please email me directly at [email protected]

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